Gearing up for the 2023 Tech Titans Awards, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and diving into our series of honoring past Tech Titans Award winners. We’re excited to spotlight Ziosk, a trailblazing HumCap client and innovator in North Texas! Ziosk has come a long way since the inception of pay-at-the-table… what started out as a concept to simplify paying the bill at the end of a meal has since evolved into a connected SaaS platform that streamlines the entire dining experience.

🌐 Emerging Company Innovation:

Let’s rewind to 2015 when Ziosk won the prestigious Tech Titans Emerging Company Innovation Award. This award honors and celebrates exceptional breakthroughs in technology within North Texas, highlighting Ziosk’s ingenuity and groundbreaking contributions to the hospitality industry.

🍽️ Revolutionizing Digital Hospitality:

Ziosk has continued to make strides – Their newest patent-pending technology is DigiSite360™, the first-ever spatial location platform engineered to enhance the performance of digital hospitality (such as apps and tablets). With unparalleled precision, it identifies locations within an 18-inch radius, both inside and outside of a venue, and seamlessly translates real-time guest location data into actionable triggers.

🧾 Introducing Drop & Pay™:

Ziosk is re-imagining the conventional checkout process! Enter Drop & Pay™, a more dynamic digital check presenter powered by DigiSite360™. As pictured, servers place the tablet on a table, and like magic, it promptly identifies the location displaying the accurate check without manual input. Guests enjoy a flexible checkout on their terms, while freeing up the service team. This innovative solution also seamlessly integrates promotions, surveys, and loyalty programs, all rolled into the checkout flow enriching the guest’s experience.

🔮 Future-Focused Advancements:

Eric Neilson, Chief Technology Officer, is a driving force behind Ziosk’s transformational journey. As a Tech Titans member himself, Eric’s leadership and insights have helped shaped Ziosk’s path to success. Eric is currently at the forefront of several transformative strides at Ziosk:

  • AI and machine learning-powered tools enhancing service optimization
  • Deeper guest understanding and real-time insights through survey data, facilitating a true VIP dining experience.
  • Predictive analytics for improved forecasting for factors like labor and inventory.

👑 Ziosk’s Legacy Continues:

Ziosk’s Tech Titans triumph in 2015 was just one milestone on their ongoing legacy of innovation. Join us as we applaud their contributions to the tech and hospitality landscape in North Texas and beyond! Click here to learn more about Ziosk and their solutions.

Who will take home the trophy for innovation this year? The countdown to the 2023 Tech Titans Awards is on!