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  • As May unfolds, it’s not just the flowers that are blooming; it's also a time to celebrate Small Business Month! For many small business owners, growth is the ultimate goal, but with growth comes complexity, particularly in the realm of Human Resources Management. Keep reading as this blog dives into HR strategies you want to

  • Employee turnover can pose a considerable challenge for organizations, affecting productivity, morale, and ultimately, the bottom line. High turnover rates disrupt operations and entail costs related to recruitment, training, and lost productivity. Therefore, fostering an environment that encourages employee retention is crucial for sustainable business growth. In this blog post, we explore effective strategies to

  • As we commemorate Women's History Month, HumCap proudly celebrates the resilience, achievements, and invaluable contributions of women not only in March but every day of the year. With over 50% of our workforce comprising of women, we're honored to highlight the experiences and advice shared by the remarkable women of HumCap, featuring stories from Kaitlyn,

  • As February unfolds, the anticipation of spring fills the air, especially this year with Groundhog Phil’s prediction of an early spring! Much like Phil’s forecast, this new season brings a sense of renewal and growth, signaling the end of hibernation and the beginning of a vibrant new season. But what does all this talk of