🏆 Honoring Tech Titans Triumphs: David Matthews, RevTech Ventures!

Gearing up for the 2023 Tech Titans Awards, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and are thrilled to spotlight a dear HumCap friend and client, David Matthews, founder of RevTech Ventures. As the 2021 Tech Titan Hall of Fame Inductee – he is a true visionary in the tech industry, and HumCap is honored to be a part of his incredible journey!


🥇 Hall of Fame Inductee:

David’s induction into the Tech Titans Hall of Fame stands as a testament to his extraordinary leadership. Recognized for over a decade of unwavering commitment to advancing technology in North Texas, his influence has reached far beyond his own ventures.


💼 RevTech Ventures Revolution:

As the founder of RevTech Ventures, David has propelled retail technology into the future. His work and efforts have empowered countless young entrepreneurs and paved the way for innovation. With over $150 million deployed across 50+ investments, his impact echoes through the industry.


🤝 Champion of Diversity:

David’s dedication goes beyond numbers. RevTech’s Women Equity Fund exemplifies his commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs!


📸 Memorable Moments:

In the picture, David is captured alongside Dallas College Richland Campus President Dr. Kay Eggleston at the 2021 Tech Titans Award Gala


Join us in applauding David Matthews for his remarkable journey as we gear up for the 2023 Tech Titans Gala this September! Will we see you there? 🎉👏 #TechTitans #TechTitansAwards