We are thrilled to announce that our HumCap Recruiting Team has been selected as one of the top three finalists for DallasHR’s ‘Recruiting Team of the Year’ to be awarded at the upcoming Dallas HR Stars Gala in February. This recognition is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and community impact in the realm of talent acquisition.

A Small Yet Mighty Force

At HumCap, we pride ourselves on being a small yet mighty force in the recruiting landscape. With a mission to deliver human capital excellence while serving our people and community, our team has consistently gone above and beyond to build lasting relationships, and provide unmatched recruiting and HR solutions.

Results that Speak Volumes

Our commitment to excellence is not just a phrase; it’s a reality reflected in our results. Guided by HumCap’s core values: Serve as a Team, Be Better Every Day, and Persevere with Grit, our team has embodied these values day in and day out, ultimately driving success at HumCap – Surpassing revenue targets within three quarters and cultivating relationships spanning over two decades, our team has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver outstanding outcomes. This success is not just about numbers; it’s about the empowerment and confidence our team feels and is able to in turn deliver to every client and candidate we engage with.

Beyond the Workplace

At HumCap, our core values extend beyond the workplace and into the communities we serve. Actively participating in initiatives like Hiring Our Heroes, being certified by the Texas Veterans Commission in the We Hire Vets program, and supporting STEM initiatives through the Tech Titans Foundation are just a few examples of HumCap’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond just the workplace.

Leadership Skills and Internal Collaboration

Our team’s leadership skills shine not just in external-facing engagements but also internally. From coaching executive teams through complex issues to coaching candidates how to optimize their resume, to training one-another on best practices, our Recruiters exemplify professionalism and empathy. The collaborative spirit within our team is evident in transparent decision-making, involvement of all team members in critical processes, and a quick and agile response to challenges.

Recognizing the HumCap Difference

Being selected as a finalist for Recruiting Team of the Year is an achievement in itself. We recognize that this achievement is a culmination of the efforts of every team member who embodies our core values daily. We are not just a recruiting team; we are HumCap—a collective force dedicated to delivering human capital excellence, fostering relationships, and positively impacting our North Texas community and beyond.

Being chosen as one of the top three finalists for this award is not just an accolade for HumCap; it’s a celebration of the values, commitment, and impact that define us. We eagerly anticipate the DallasHR Stars Gala, where we’ll join other industry leaders and teams in celebrating excellence in HR!