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HumCap is dedicated to helping companies and job seekers find their perfect match to fulfill their goals and needs. The vast network of employers and candidates we work with provides HumCap with special access to positions and people that you won’t find anywhere else. We are connectors: we make lasting relationships with our clients and candidates to ensure this career move is the best for all. We care about you, your business, and your career.

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Benefits of working with a recruiter:

HumCap is an award-winning professional recruiting and HR firm committed to helping job seekers find relevant and fulfilling careers. Job listings are everywhere, but you want real and meaningful career options and advice; the kind that only come from proven recruiting professionals with an expertise in your specific skill sets. We’re here to help:

What we do

As a recruiting company, we partner with local and national businesses to perform search services and match candidates to the areas of expertise requested by our clients. We specialize working with high-growth, tech companies in the DFW area. The vast network of employers we work with provides HumCap with special access to positions that won’t be listed anywhere else. These special job postings increase a candidate’s chances of not only being hired but also of finding a job that best fits their personal skills and objectives.

How We Do It

HumCap provides strategic partnerships specializing in the areas of Technology, Software, Engineering, Business Development, and Financial Services. Our access to employment opportunities spans a variety of industries. We value all people and the relationships we’re able to form through our business. We make it easy to advance your career and land your dream job.

Ready to start looking for a job that meets your personal and professional goals? Ready for a job you’re proud of?

Learn how a recruiter can support you in your job search:

See a job listing that interests you? Apply to get connected and learn more about it. Are you not sure what direction you want your career to go? Submit your resume to connect with a recruiter where we’ll jump in to help you along your journey.

A HumCapper will reach out to you to review your resume and available job opportunities we think may be a match. There are no strings attached! We want to get to know you and see how we may be able to help you in your career journey. We’ll discuss personal and professional goals, employment history, and any other questions you may have to ensure we are set up for success.

After getting to know you better, HumCap seeks out the best employment opportunities that match each applicant’s needs. We see each applicant as a unique entity – not another faceless resume. We’re here to truly get to know you and to help you find the best career move for you. Applicants who closely match a client’s hiring needs are informed about the specific opening and briefed on job requirements, company information, company culture, compensation, and more.

We assist you in scheduling, prepping, and debriefing interview(s) to support you throughout the entirety of the client’s hiring process.

If you think we’ve found a match, we begin marketing YOU. That’s right, we’re on your side. We brag to the client about your achievements and skills. We help facilitate communication and move you along each client’s different hiring processes.

You land your dream job!

You’ve now developed a friend with HumCap. We’ll check in on you to make sure your career continues to fulfill your goals, and we’re always here to help you with whatever job search needs you may have!

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