Did you know that November is National Gratitude Month? In honor of Veterans Day, it seemed only fitting that today we take the time to honor and show gratitude to HumCap’s very own Veterans! HumCap is proud to claim that over a third of our work force is made up of Veterans from different branches. We’ve provided career guidance and resources for Veterans for over 20 years from helping military talent build up their civilian careers to partnering with Hiring our Heroes – we are proud to serve and work with those who have so bravely served our country. Take a moment today to thank a Veteran and learn about their service:


Tad McIntosh

HumCap is proudly founded and led by Tad who was the commander for recruiting for the US Army in Atlanta, GA. He is a proud West Point Alumnus, class of ’89 where he then served in the US Army 1989-1985. His other Army assignments include The US Honor Guard in Washington DC, and Second Infantry Division in South Korea where he served in the DMZ. Tad finished his active duty service as Captain and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM). Tad earned the coveted Army Airborne, Ranger, and Air Assault Qualifications.



Eric Krisher

Eric is a Senior Recruiter at HumCap. He began his Navy career in 1988 and served as an Aircrewman, Avionics Technician and Electronic Warfare Operator on EA-3B and EP-3E aircraft with VQ-2 and top Secret/SBI Security Clearance. During his service, Eric was stationed in Spain and deployed to Greece, Crete, Italy, and Sicily. Some of his most memorable assignments include his participation in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Eric returned from overseas in 1992 and joined the Navy Reserves as a Flight Attendant on C9-B aircraft with VR-59 in Dallas, TX, until 1996. Today Eric is a member of the VFW and American Legion.


Theresa Hazelbaker

Theresa is one of HumCap’s newest HR Consultants! She is a West Point Alumnus, class of ’18, and served in the US Army from 2018-2022 in Korea, Fort Campbell, and two tours to Iraq. She loved being an HR Manager for the Army and getting to serve with great people! Here you’ll see Theresa (pictured left) with former Soldiers at a going away event.  “For me – the Army was an amazing way to see the world and to meet my best friends (and husband!) I will always be grateful for the opportunities it provided and the relationships I made throughout.”





Charlie Quinn

Charlie is HumCap’s fearless leader as VP of Recruiting Solutions. Charlie graduated West Point in 1985 and selected Infantry…hooah! He served as Infantry Officer from 1985-1995. During his service he was in both heavy (mechanized) and light infantry units, and a unit that trained South and Central American officers and soldiers to fight the drug war where he earned his Chilean and Australian parachute wings. He was honored to serve as a Rifle Company Commander in a light infantry regiment that was a part of the U.S. Military’s Rapid Deployment Forces. Throughout his service he got to go to several Army schools including Army Ranger and Army Jumpmaster.





Drew Mierva

Drew is an expert HR Consultant for HumCap and another proud West Point Alumnus, class of ’09 where she played on the soccer team. She served the US Army 2009-2016 reaching the rank of Captain. Her Army assignments include her deployment to Iraq for 12 months, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, Texas hill country, and her most memorable, South Korea, where she was able to serve with her husband for 9 months (and develop a mutual love for Korean food). Here you’ll see her and her sister administering the Oath of Office after her graduation as a part of her commissioning ceremony as a 2nd Lieutenant.



Ivan Perez

Ivan is a Recruiter at HumCap and we are privileged to have been introduced to Ivan through Hiring Our Heroes. Ivan has served in the US Army 2001 – Present. He joined the US Army and was shipped to basic training on September 11, 2001 out of New York City. He was deployed to Iraq in support of operations including Liberation of Iraq, Transition of Iraq, Iraqi Governance, National Resolution, Iraqi Surge, Iraqi Sovereignty, and New Dawn. He is a certified Senior Army Instructor and a recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, a military award presented to members of the United States Armed Forces who distinguished themselves by outstanding meritorious achievement or service to the United States.



Today and every day, we are thankful for the brave men and women who serve our country! Take some time to thank a Veteran!