The weather is finally changing, you can catch a whiff of candy apples in the air (or maybe that’s just the State Fair in town), and you’re finally getting used to your neighbor’s seasonal yard décor. It must be October! While there are no ghosts or goblins here… we are here to share three ~spooky~ recruiting and HR challenges commonly experienced, and how we combat them!


  1. HR Demands Grow Faster Than I Can Keep Up!

From high turnover rates to tasks like payroll and employee handbooks… the long list of HR needs continue to grow in these shifting markets. If these tasks keep piling up on you and things are slipping through the cracks… it’s ok to admit you need help! That’s where HumCap can step in. Whatever the size of your HR problem or project, we can customize and execute a plan to ensure the success of your overall Human Resources goals so you can spend more time on your other duties! From banks of hours utilized however our clients see fit, to one-off audits and projects – the list of needs we face with our clients day-to-day continue to grow especially as we enter Q4. If you are one of the many experiencing fatigue with your HR tasks – we are here to help you tackle those.


  1. Attracting Top Talent

This is a loaded, common issue every business is facing today. First impressions are everything! Whether it’s you, a hiring manager, or recruiter; whoever is conducting initial phone calls and interviews must keep in mind that it takes two to move forward. Just as you’re screening candidates, the candidates are doing the same to you. While money isn’t the only factor applicants seek in a job, it definitely is a motivator. Don’t be afraid to talk about compensation! Our recruiting professionals match qualified candidates with the right jobs for them by including compensation as a big part of the initial conversations – understanding every detail of what the “total package” entails from desires to offerings is key to attracting, matching, and retaining the talent you’re looking for. Have these harder conversations early on so there is little room for surprises to creep in later in the process.

If time is your issue here, we have solutions for that, too. Whether you’re struggling to fill a specialized role or you need complete fractional recruiting help – HumCap has a range of customizable recruiting solutions to offer so you can save time interviewing, and finally attract that next team-player you’re after!


  1. Retaining Talent

Attracting talent to your company is half the battle. If you’re not already, you need to be proactive in maintaining your company’s most important asset: your human capital. How do you do this? You give your people what they want. Listen, connect, empathize, lead, and invest in your people. Here are common solutions we implement within our own culture, and with our HR clients to work towards improving retention:

  • Show appreciation
  • Define and live by a positive company culture
  • Investigate reasons for any voluntary resignations
  • Encourage and enable employees to pursue training/education to develop their skills
  • Provide clear opportunities for advancement
  • Make sure your leadership is well established and connected daily with workers
  • Evaluate impact of unpredictable work schedules and potential remedies
  • Evaluate work/life balance to ensure everyone feels healthy


The Takeaway:

Recruiting and HR duties and tasks can easily spill into management and administration and get lost in the day-to-day shuffle. As such, company leaders and administrators must consider these challenges and be prepared to address them. If you find you are overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, or simply don’t have time to tackle such issues – you know you have solutions available to you with HumCap’s help!