This holiday season (and every season) HumCap is focused on living out our purpose to help people, our customers, and community. Our mission as a company is to deliver human capital excellence in all that we do. As we head into 2023 we’re excited for the growth, challenges, and all that comes with our continued work helping others achieve their recruiting, HR, and career goals. We’re grateful this season that you continue to allow HumCap to be a part of your network and are looking forward to continue our work together in 2023!


In anticipation for the new year we’re first reminiscing on the jam-packed year that has been 2022. We’ve crunched the numbers for you to see our HumCap 2022 year at a glance. This year we…


  1. Helped over 5,800 candidates with their job search
  2. 111 companies partnered with HumCap for their recruiting and HR needs
  3. We grew as a company with 14 new HumCappers joining the team!
  4. $20,555 total donations were raised and matched by HumCap during North Texas Giving Day
  5. Over 30 causes were granted donations by HumCap on behalf of our passionate team and community
  6. HumCap was awarded certification for 2022 ‘Best Workplaces’!
  7. We had our first HumCap baby shower for our HR Consultant, Hallie
  8. Over 50 Taco Tuesdays celebrated by Team HumCap
  9. Nine Value Awards were presented to exceptional HumCappers
  10. One new HumCap website was launched!


We are grateful for all that 2022 brought HumCap and are looking forward to what 2023 has in store! Thank you for your continued support. Best wishes to you and your loved ones and a Happy New Year!