Since its inception, HumCap has had a passion for giving back to our community. We consistently donate, volunteer, and partner with a number of organizations in our community. Most recently, we planned a HumCap volunteer day where we teamed up with Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) and 9/11 Day. We came together to honor the September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. Through the spirit of unity and good deeds we were proud to support 9/11 Day’s mission to transform this day into a worldwide movement of unity and good deeds paying tribute to 9/11 and all those who compassionately served in the aftermath of tragedy. We served alongside other corporate groups and individuals by reaching our goal of packing 150,000 meals to feed the hungry in North Texas. What an honor! 

As a company, we view community involvement and volunteering as an integral aspect of living out our HumCap core values. In one afternoon, our team was able to build relationships, have fun, and ultimately make a community impact. What more could you ask for? 

A lot of questions are being tossed around about corporate volunteering, actually. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is becoming an increasingly important aspect in modern-day companies. In the past decade, CSR initiatives have become more in demand. Over 60% of millennials and Gen-Z applicants say they consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work. Many companies now implement corporate volunteering programs to not only give back to their community, but, this has become an essential part of many organization’s ways to increase employee engagement, and attract new talent.

As a member of CFT’s Be In Good Company program, we’ve received expertise and resources to help HumCap develop and amplify a culture of good corporate citizenship. HumCap’s purpose is to help people, customers, and our community. CFT has helped us immensely in expanding our own CSR initiatives from introducing us to opportunities to volunteer in our community, to helping us create a dedicated employee giving fund – we are proud to Be In Good CompanyHere’s an outline CFT has created to help businesses define ways they can expand their CSR programs and benefits:

  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Support employee giving
  • Support health and safety
  • Embrace good company values and culture
  • Authentically associate company brand with doing good
  • Promote mentoring and sponsorship
  • Adopt socially and environmentally conscious practices

Whether giving back is woven into your existing company identity or you’re looking to expand current initiatives – many benefits come along with implementing CSR initiatives in the workplace. HumCap is better for it, and we encourage you to find new ways to get involved in  your community!