At HumCap, we understand the pivotal role that people play in the success of your organization. As experts in human capital management, we keep a close eye on regulatory changes that impact the workforce. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finalized a groundbreaking rule that bans noncompete agreements for most workers. This ruling marks a significant shift in employment practices and presents new challenges and opportunities for businesses.

The FTC’s Final Rule Explained

On April 23, 2024, the FTC voted to finalize a rule that prohibits employers from entering into noncompete clauses with workers after the effective date. The rule states:

“The final rule provides that it is an unfair method of competition—and therefore a violation of section 5—for persons to, among other things, enter into non-compete clauses (“non-competes”) with workers on or after the final rule’s effective date. With respect to existing non-competes—i.e., non-competes entered into before the effective date—the final rule adopts a different approach for senior executives than for other workers. For senior executives, existing non-competes can remain in force, while existing non-competes with other workers are not enforceable after the effective date.”

For a deeper dive into learning about this ruling, anticipated impacts, and solutions to mitigate risk, click here to watch HumCap’s webinar.

Key Highlights of the Ruling

  • Effective Date: The rule takes effect on September 4, 2024.
  • Scope: The rule applies to all “workers”, not just “employees.” This applies to anyone that’s doing work for a company. The rule states that existing noncompete clauses are not enforceable with workers (other than senior executives) and simplifies the notice and compliance requirements for employers.
  • Exemptions: The ruling does not apply to nonprofits, certain industries not under FTC jurisdiction, and specific legal relationships such as bona fide sales of businesses and franchisor/franchisee relationships.
  • Senior Executives: Noncompete agreements for senior executives (those earning over $151,164 annually or in policy-making positions) can remain in force.
  • Supersedes State Law: This federal rule overrides any state laws regarding noncompete agreements.

Anticipated Impacts on Businesses

The FTC estimates that the ban on noncompete agreements will result in:

  • Reduced Healthcare Costs: $74-$194 billion in savings on physician services over the next decade.
  • New Business Formation: A 2.7% increase in the rate of new firm formations, resulting in over 8,500 additional businesses annually.
  • Rise in Innovation: An average increase of 17,000-29,000 patents per year, representing an 11-19% annual growth.
  • Higher Worker Earnings: $400-$488 billion in increased wages for workers over the next decade, with the average worker’s earnings rising by an estimated $524 per year.

Navigating the New Landscape

While this ruling aims to foster competition and innovation, businesses will need to adapt to the changing environment:

  • Review and Revise Agreements: Examine current restrictive covenants in your agreements to ensure compliance.
  • Embrace Competition: Be prepared to respond to new competitors entering the industry.
  • Focus on Agility: Maintain an agile approach to stay ahead in innovation.
  • Reallocate Budgets: Analyze and adjust budgets to align with the new competitive landscape.

Noncompete Alternatives

To protect proprietary and sensitive information, businesses can turn to well-established alternatives:

  • Trade Secret Laws and NDAs: Over 95% of workers with a noncompete already have an NDA in place. Ensure robust trade secret protection practices, including strict access controls, employee training, and monitoring systems.
  • Confidentiality Training: Regularly train employees on the importance of confidentiality and the protection of proprietary information.

HumCap Is Here to Help

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