Dallas technical recruiting and human resources service firm, HumCap, was recently listed as a finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award. The award process is meant to recognize “local companies that exemplify ethical business practices.” Past winners of the award have been able to demonstrate a focus on fostering awareness and understanding of the everyday application of ethical practices and have helped foster a more stable and vibrant business environment.

HumCap’s competition for the title consists of:

  • 1820 Productions
  • Agency Entourage
  • Interstate Batteries
  • MRP Commercial Cleaning
  • The Richards Group

The nomination process for the award included a thorough write-up detailing the flow of ethical direction from the President, Tad McIntosh, and how it affects the actions of the rest of the company. The cause-and-effect format of the report highlighted how the Dallas technical recruiting and human resources service company’s main values – Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Teamwork – inspire the overall atmosphere and code of ethics.

As a relatively small Dallas technical recruiting and human resources service company in a crowded marketplace, HumCap’s ethical focus has allowed the company to stand out from its competitors.  Especially in an industry generally known for being underhanded in its business dealings, HumCap’s dedication to ethical business practices garnered the appreciation and trust of many clients, allowing the company to rapidly grow in recent years.

View the official announcement at the GDBEA website.