As early stage small to mid-size businesses grow, many might find themselves constrained by the size of their workforce and their ability to meet demand. Unfortunately, the recruitment process requires time and resources – which can be scarce for most companies at the development stage. Managers in charge of hiring have to make the tough decision between leaving departments undermanned and utilizing scarce resources to grow the company.

The key to successfully navigating this process is to be flexible and strategic with how the company uses its resources. External agencies can be a great resource for managers who need help finding talented personnel while minimizing the costs related to the talent search. Consider these 4 ways a Dallas TX staffing and recruiting agency can help you grow your business.

Free management to focus on other issues
Managers of growing companies are often spread thin coordinating various aspects of the company. Whenever the need arises to hire more personnel, it might go completely unnoticed or – even worse – might be mismanaged and result in a bad hire. Rather than adding an additional project to an already overworked manager’s to-do list, simply delegating it to a Dallas TX-based staffing and recruiting company will allow them to drive through the rest of the hiring process, freeing managers to focus on more important value-adding activities.

Save on costs associated with the hiring process
For companies with uneven or cyclical business growth, it can be financially beneficial to participate in contract or contract-to-hire engagements. Through the process, companies are able to quickly grow their workforce to meet unexpected or temporary demand spikes. Using contract and contract-to-hire recruiting also frees companies from the financial burdens associated with the hiring process. As a contractor, a candidate is technically employed by the Dallas TX staffing and recruiting company, who incurs all the related costs.

Hasten the hiring process with experienced specialists
For someone with no experience in hiring, the process can seem long and complicated. Luckily, veteran staffing professionals have years of experience with all aspects of the hiring process, from sourcing to interviewing all the way through to running references and backgrounds checks. A Dallas TX external staffing and recruiting agency can save your company time and effort by quickly discovering the talent needed to fill your company’s needs.

Gain additional candidates by through recruiter networks
New companies with limited brand recognition might have trouble initially attracting talented candidates. Fortunately, qualified staffing personnel will have the experience and comfort in presenting the job opportunity in a positive light to interested candidates. Additionally, professional recruiters who have been in the field for a while generally have widespread personal networks that can be tapped for additional talent.

Dallas TX staffing and recruiting agencies like HumCap can be a priceless resource for growing companies looking for “hard to reach” talent. If it fits within the company’s long-term strategy and goals, collaborating with an external agency to grow the company can be greatly beneficial.

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