With the US economy continuing to recover, companies are beginning to grow their work forces once again. This surge in hiring is being led largely by IT companies, who are facing unprecedented growth opportunities as new technologies continue to flood the market. The rush of growth has created a talent gap in the technology industry as companies have to scramble to find people with the right training and experience to fill their new positions.

Rising TrendWhat is Search Recruiting?

Search recruiting is a service offered by Dallas technology staffing agencies that helps companies find candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Recruiters begin the process by establishing a profile of the ideal candidate through discussions with the hiring manager on the position and its responsibilities. Using that initial summary of the job role, the recruiter can begin searching through their unique and specialized networks for potential candidates. After multiple levels of screening, the pool of candidates is narrowed down to a highly evaluated shortlist for the hiring manager.

Benefits of Search Recruiting

By utilizing a Dallas technology staffing agency, companies can greatly lower their use of resources in terms of time, effort and funds. Rather than spending countless hours searching for hard to reach talent, the HR department can focus on other critical value-adding activities. Additionally, the use of a staffing firm with years of experience sourcing and evaluating can significantly reduce the time needed to find excellent candidates for a position. The faster hiring process provides further value to the company by giving them quicker access to talent that they can utilize for their projects. Furthermore, the entire process incurs minimal risk for the company as they don’t have to pay any fees until a hire is made.

Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights the fact that the 80,600 new jobs added in February signify the highest monthly gain since the BLS began tracking the data in 1939. The trend is set to continue as Staffing Industry Analysts forecast direct hiring to grow by 8% throughout 2013. With IT, engineering and design positions making up 44% of direct hires, the increase in staffing needs has created labor shortages, indicated by declining and almost negligible levels of unemployment in those job categories. To illustrate the issue, while the national unemployment rate was around 7.7% in February, technical occupations were much lower at 3.0%. As the demand for IT professionals continues to soar, companies will increasingly rely on Dallas technology staffing agencies to fulfill their need for talent.

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