Finding the Hard-to-Find Candidates

Overcoming we can’t find qualified candidates for our Java positions

Java company came to HumCap after looking for great developers that they could not find. They had been looking internally with both internal recruiters and hiring managers scouring the job boards and career fairs for months.

When HumCap was hired for the assignment, we met with HR and hiring managers to assess the situation. We took the assignment and consulted with the client on a few different approaches to the skillset they were looking for and the compensation it would take to hire the best. Java company adopted the suggested changes and HumCap went to work looking for Java developers that are few and mostly currently employed.

HumCap sourced candidates that fit for the roles and prescreened them. HumCap had meetings with hiring managers to go over available talent. Hum Cap scheduled a interviewing blitz afternoon at HumCap for first interviews.

HumCap and hiring managers interviewed and screened the candidate list from 5 to 2 with interviews at HumCap’s offices. HumCap  recruiters facilitated at Java Co final interviews. Java Company interviewed and hired the best fit for the position.

HumCap repeated this process for three different positions and connected Java Company with the right 3 hires that have been there for 3+ years in 2012.