The hiring process can be an expensive and time-consuming. With internet job boards providing candidates the ability to quickly apply to any vacancy with simply the click of a button, internal human resources teams can often be overwhelmed with sorting through resumes. Scanning through the piles of resumes can be a tedious task that delays.. read more →

With the economy gradually improving and demand steadily increasing across most industries, companies are finally beginning to hire new talent. This need for expansion, however, is currently being hindered by two factors: stretched budgets and the remaining unpredictability of the market. Fortunately, contract recruiting serves as a great solution to these issues by allowing companies.. read more →

With the US economy continuing to recover, companies are beginning to grow their work forces once again. This surge in hiring is being led largely by IT companies, who are facing unprecedented growth opportunities as new technologies continue to flood the market. The rush of growth has created a talent gap in the technology industry as companies.. read more →

15 Nov 2012
November 15, 2012

Dallas/Fort Worth, the Tech Hub of Texas


Tad McIntosh, president of Addison-based staffing and HR firm HumCap, was recently quoted in a Dallas Business Journal article. The story is in regards to Totus Solutions, Inc., a security surveillance systems company planning on relocating to Austin from Carrollton in hopes of gaining access to the city’s talent pool of system engineers. McIntosh disagrees.. read more →

By SHERYL JEAN / The Dallas Morning News Skin care guru Renee Rouleau recruited stay-at-home moms on Twitter to fill key jobs in her growing business. Maria Lott, co-owner of Dallas-based Recycle Revolution, turned three salespeople into independent contractors to cut costs. Cooper Smith dropped group health care coverage for four employees of his Dallas.. read more →