From the Kiplinger Letter, November 2017 edition: Making life even more difficult for employers is that good workers are quitting at levels not seen since the recession.  Why?  Because they’re more confident about finding a well-paying job elsewhere right away or whenever they choose to quit.  Job opening rates are trending at high levels across.. read more →

HumCap’s Tad McIntosh and Christa Cantele attended the Americas Future Series 5 Star Breakfast & Military Symposium on March 28 which focuses on helping veterans find jobs, honor them for their service and present a home to a wounded warrior. HumCap focuses strongly on supporting our veterans and helping them transition back in to the.. read more →

In a recent article published by the Economic Development Blog, HumCap’s hometown Dallas, TX was named as the Next Big Tech Hub. Listed below are the top five reasons why Dallas is the Next Big Tech Hub: 1. Resources. Dallas startups raised $639 million in Venture Capital in 2013, which is more than Houston and Austin combined. The.. read more →

As early stage small to mid-size businesses grow, many might find themselves constrained by the size of their workforce and their ability to meet demand. Unfortunately, the recruitment process requires time and resources – which can be scarce for most companies at the development stage. Managers in charge of hiring have to make the tough.. read more →

Dallas TX staffing and recruiting companies can be a great resource for HR departments and hiring managers but they are often not utilized to their full potential. Rather than strategically partnering with the agency to leverage their shared resources, hiring managers often settle for delegating much of the workload to the recruiters and loosely managing.. read more →