1. What services does HumCap offer?
     HumCap provides a wide range of recruiting and HR services for local, national and international companies. Services include recruitment process outsourcing, retained search, contingency search and contract staffing. If your company requires a more specialized service, contact us today for immediate consultation with one of our experienced recruiters.
  2. Where is HumCap located?
     The HumCap office is located at 5401 Village Creek Drive Plano, TX 75093.
  3. What types of solutions can you provide?
    HumCap’s recruitment options are varied and can fit most needs. For recruitment needs, we can provide temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions. As for human resources, we provide talent management services, HR technology and fractional HR and consulting.
  4. What is HumCap’s fee structure?
    Candidates looking for employment can apply for vacancies for free. HumCap’s fees are paid by client companies. Fee details depend on the service being provided.
  5. How can candidates apply for a position?
    There are two options for being considered for employment. Candidates can either apply directly for a vacant position on our job board or they can submit their resumes to be considered for any relevant openings in the future.
  6. What industries does HumCap specialize in?
    While HumCap offers its HR and recruitment services for a wide variety of industries, we specialize in more technical fields of recruitment such as IT and software and web development which require very specific and uncommon skill sets.

    To see what industries we’re currently recruiting for see our job board.

  7. How are candidates screened?
    HumCap recruiters will begin by analyzing each candidate’s resume for relevant information and experience to the vacant job. Those who have the required background are then contacted and interviewed thoroughly to make sure they can fit within the company. It is only those who have the proper training and experience and the right personality who are then introduced to the hiring manager.
  8. What is HumCap’s process of working with employing companies?
    HumCap begins each recruitment process by consulting the company to establish a complete understanding of what factors are being searched for in an ideal candidate. Using that information, we begin looking through our extensive databases for potential candidate matches and start the screening the process, ensuring that only the best matches reach the client company.
  9. What differentiates HumCap from everyone else?
    HumCap operates from a simple business philosophy – deliver value to every customer. Our recruiters champion values such as integrity, respect, excellence and teamwork. This outlook translates into a very personable and professional attitude towards all clients. We will work closely with your hiring manager to make sure your requirements are matched as closely as possible with our candidates.

    “Many managers think they have time to place ads, sort through resumes, conduct phone interviews and bring people in. If they looked at the costs of their time versus outsourcing these tasks to HumCap, the HumCap solution is much more efficient.” – Tom Allen, COO at Privacy Inc.

    “We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by HumCap. They designed a search plan that met our critical needs and established a quality pipeline of candidates for future hiring requirements.” – Rashid Skaf, CEO at AMX