Flexible staffing solutions

In today’s business environment, many managers are facing increasing workloads with less staff. The work is there, but hiring additional full-time staff is not the best option for the company. Whether it’s due to only a temporary increase in demand or tight budgets, a myriad of reasons exist for managers to consider other options besides permanent hires. We can help a company use its resources more efficiently by supplementing an existing staff with highly skilled temporary and consulting professionals on an as-needed basis. HumCap can establish the ideal balance of contract, contract- to-hire and full-time professionals to meet each client’s needs. This reduces each client’s reliance on fixed labor costs, creating a highly productive, variable-cost workforce.

We can even provide a team of contract professionals led by a HumCap Project Manager if the project is large enough. Communication is a major focus at HumCap so each Project Manager will ensure they fully understand and communicate the client’s vision to their team of contractors. Under our experienced direction, clients can rest assured that their projects will be completed quickly and efficiently.

HumCap has over 17 years of experience providing companies with the cost- effective staffing solutions they need to get the work done on time and on budget.

HumCap offers three cost-effective, flexible staffing options for businesses:

  1. Contract
  2. Contract-to-hire
  3. HumCap Project Management Solution