With decades of use and gradual improvement to the hiring process, Dallas TX staffing agencies should have a foolproof method of making great hires that grow a company’s workforce and boost productivity. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. The reality is that companies of all sizes suffer from bad hires. Among other reasons, these errors can occur by:

  • Rushing the interview process
  • Asking the wrong questions
  • Cherry-picking information during the hiring process
  • Not checking references

Dallas TX staffing agencies are compelled to avoid bad hires as a result of the long lasting damaging effects they have on the client company. In addition to the time and resources wasted during the initial hiring process, companies are also affected by:

  • A loss of productivity
  • An slump in morale
  • Additional costs incurred during the rehiring process

Avoid bad hires altogether by keeping an eye out for specific warning signs during the interview and other stages of the hiring process. 4 signs that your candidate might not make a great hire are:

Nonspecific Responses

When asked technical, skill and industry-related questions, the candidate prefaces statements with phrases such as “may have” and “pretty sure”. This habit indicates that the candidate might be unsure about their knowledge and expertise on the matter. While this might occur more often and be more acceptable during interviews for junior positions within the company, it can also affect senior candidates. Dallas TX staffing agencies often respond to this situation by clarifying if the candidate has experience on the specific matter by asking direct questions such as “Have you done this before?” Additionally, you might ask for concrete examples of their work for proof.

 Criticizing Employers

Harsh criticisms of past employers can be a troubling sign of the candidate’s attitude and professionalism. While a candidate might actually have left a difficult work environment, overly negative responses in regards to questions about past employers should always be a red flag in regards to candidates. A candidate who is overly incensed at many of their past employers has a good chance of viewing your company negatively as well if you bring them on-board. Dallas TX staffing agencies have to ensure that candidates are a good personality and culture fit for the company when screening them.

Late Arrivals

Candidates who show up late for their interview without any proper reason for their tardiness might not be motivated for the job. Dallas TX staffing agencies explain the generally accepted rule is aim to arrive 15 minutes early, which allows for enough buffer time in case the candidate gets lost or stuck in traffic. If the candidate you’re supposed to be interviewing arrives past the scheduled time, you should lightly but directly address the matter. Depending on the candidate’s response and reaction, you will be able to ascertain if it was an unforeseen accident or merely the effects of indifference.

Overselling Themselves

Interviewees might sometimes try to use dishonest strategies such as spinning weaknesses as strengths and other methods that don’t actually reflect their true nature and experience. For example, if the candidate responds to questions about their biggest weaknesses with statements such as “My biggest weakness is that I’m too stubborn”, it can either mean that the candidate has an unrealistic perception of themselves or is saying whatever they need to say to get the position. This too can be screened out by experienced Dallas TX staffing agencies during the initial steps of the recruiting process.

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