The hiring process can be an expensive and time-consuming. With internet job boards providing candidates the ability to quickly apply to any vacancy with simply the click of a button, internal human resources teams can often be overwhelmed with sorting through resumes. Scanning through the piles of resumes can be a tedious task that delays the HR team from accomplishing other goals. This factor, further complicated by the average HR employee’s lack of expertise in recruiting, causes a myriad of issues in the hiring process. Dallas technology staffing agencies can ease the issue by providing companies access to specialized recruiters with years of experience and the talent pipelines necessary to discover and recruit the best candidates. Through these unique resources, a company can save money, time and reputation.

Financial Advantages

Delegating the hiring process to HR employees generally incurs heavy initial investments in items such as Applicant Tracking Systems and additional recruitment training. Especially for a smaller company which doesn’t have a consistent need for new candidates, these costs can be an ineffective use of resources. Rather than incur the heavy costs, a company can merely leverage the resources of a Dallas technology staffing agency whenever the need to make a new hire arises. Additionally, companies generally do not have to pay for any search services until a successful hire is completed. For a small firm trying to attract hard-to-reach talent, these services are both affordable and effective.

Time Savings

From drafting and posting a job description to reviewing applications, screening candidates and scheduling and managing interviews, the process can range from a couple weeks to a few months. Any member of an internal HR team assigned to coordinate the search won’t be able to engage other projects, reducing their overall productivity within the company. Rather than inefficiently use internal HR employees to manage processes with which they are not familiar, a company can utilize the expertise of a Dallas technology staffing agency to quickly find the best talent for a position.

Reputation Safety

While experts generally recommend programs which promote internal candidates to open vacancies, the process often includes several unforeseen dangers. An internal candidate considered for a new position might not always be a good fit for the vacancy. Although they are a proven fit for the company culture, their education and skills might not be up to par with the company’s expectations. Rejecting an internal candidate can cause several issues in terms of lowered morale, productivity and reduced loyalty. This unintentional consequence can be avoided by allowing an external Dallas technology staffing agency with in-depth knowledge of the industry to review and screen talent to find a match for the job description.

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HumCap is an award-winning Dallas technology staffing and HR services firm. The company was started in 2001 by Founder and President Tad McIntosh to provide world class service to a rapidly growing local tech sector. Our clients consist of small to medium sized businesses which are currently experiencing rapid growth and require assistance managing the expansion. By providing our expertise, we allow managers to focus on their main business objectives while we handle their search staffing needs.

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