IMG_1417HumCap, a Dallas technical recruiting firm, won the Dallas Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers in North Texas award in the Small Business category last week. The awards are organized to recognize healthy workplaces that champion beneficial practices such as regular physical activity and better eating habits. To be nominated for the award, each company had to provide a detailed account of every active wellness initiative currently in place to help employees to improve their lifestyles.

HumCap’s victory in its category is due mostly in part to the comprehensive quality of its wellness program. Starting with simple steps such as providing healthier snack alternatives like fruit and other unprocessed food options, the company provides many opportunities for its employees to eat better. This allows its staff to achieve one of the most important criteria for developing a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, the Dallas technical recruiting company took the extra steps necessary to make it easier for its staff to remain active by installing a shower in the office bathroom. With the company’s proximity to a running trail at its new Plano location, many of the HumCap employees enjoy going out and running the trail during their spare time. The new amenity promotes physical activity before or after work hours or even during lunch by making it convenient for employees to clean up afterwards.

These initial improvements are the effects of HumCap’s President, Tad McIntosh. An experienced triathlete, he leads an extremely active lifestyle and is an advocate of healthy dietary habits. His influence on the company initiated the wellness planning that has since developed into its current stage.

More recently, the Dallas technical recruiting firm has adopted an online wellness portal and regular email program that updates employees with wellness goal outlines that change each quarter. Each email update includes a wealth of information that reminds employees of the simple steps they can take to improve their lifestyles. Additionally, these quarterly topics are always accompanied with specific activities that can earn employees points when completed. Accumulated points can then be returned at the end of the year for prizes.

The entire HumCap office was greatly honored to have received the award. Matt McElyea, HumCap’s Operations Manager, who played a major role in crafting the overall program, was especially enthusiastic about the company’s success. As a validation of his efforts, the Dallas Business Journal trophy now stands among the other Dallas technical recruiting company’s achievements.