Dallas TX staffing and recruiting companies can be a great resource for HR departments and hiring managers but they are often not utilized to their full potential. Rather than strategically partnering with the agency to leverage their shared resources, hiring managers often settle for delegating much of the workload to the recruiters and loosely managing them onwards. Take these 5 steps to start actively participating in the hiring process and partnering more closely with the staffing agency.

Describe the position in detail
Too often, recruiters have to search for candidates based on generic job descriptions that don’t describe in any detail the specifics of the job or company culture. This sets the collaboration up for failure since even the best Dallas TX recruiting agencies need this information to find viable skill and personality fits for the position. The best way to counteract this is to have a discussion in-person or over the phone detailing the nuances of the position and the personality type that would be best suited for it.

The process can be continuous as well. As the staffing company finds more candidates, the description of the position can be altered and revised over time to better meet the company’s expectations.

Assist with sourcing candidates for the position
Leaving all the initial research and outreach to the Dallas TX staffing agency will hurt your candidate pool in the long-term. As a hiring manager, you can help the process by leveraging your personal networks and reaching out to contacts that are likely to know superstars in the industry. Additionally, you can also assist external recruiters by following up on their initial outreach attempts. Engaging the candidate through multiple contact points increases the likelihood of the target candidate responding to your messages.

Develop a strong employer brand
Working within the company, hiring managers have the best ability to make the job opportunity, department and company appear appealing to candidates. You can begin with improving your strong online presence with branded website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. These are the places a candidate will look first to research your company.

Establishing attractive brand positioning will help bring in stronger candidates – which accomplishes your goal as a hiring manager.

Conduct reference checks
References are a completely underappreciated source of information for most hiring managers. Most Dallas TX recruiting professionals who coordinate the process close to the offer stage often develop “happy ears” and can miss critical details that might affect the candidate’s employment viability. As a hiring manager, conducting reference checks will provide you with a detailed, nuanced review from a former coworker who knows their strengths and weaknesses.

Stay involved throughout the hiring process
Candidates need to remain constantly informed and reminded about the details of the job throughout the hiring process. Who else is better suited for that purpose than the hiring manager? Even if you are not directly involved in a specific step in the process, schedule a 15 minute check up with the candidate beforehand. Use those meet ups to make sure they are fully informed about the process while gauging their interest to keep the momentum moving forward in the hiring process.

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