HumCap recently participated in a Net Promoter Score® survey organized by Inavero. The concise survey, which consists of a few questions along with a numerical rating system, is designed to help companies develop an understanding of customer satisfaction and the related causes along with possible sources of improvement. Based on the net score they provide, responders are placed into three categories – Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

  • Promoters – Respondents who answer a 9 or 10 to the recommend question and will perform as the firm’s strongest allies, promoting it to others.
  • Passives – Respondents who answer a 7 or 8 to the recommend questions are indifferent to the firm.
  • Detractors – Respondents who answer with a 6 or lower are unlikely to continue working with the firm.

One of the key benefits of using the Net Promoter Score system is that it’s a simple metric to track and understand, yet descriptive enough to drive change. This allows for a system of client feedback that is easy to implement and robust enough to highlight areas that could be improved. Additionally, industry average Net Promoter Score values are also available to provide a benchmark score to compare your company.

HumCap scored a Net Promoter Score of 60%.With a 45% score being considered average by Inavero, the company is considered above average. Clients who score below that level display an opportunity for considerable improvement.

As an award-winning firm known for their customer service and satisfaction, HumCap prides itself on the way it treats its clients and vendors. By treating everyone with the respect they deserve, it has been able to build deep bonds of trust that facilitate the business relationships necessary for success.

As evidence of its superior levels of customer service, HumCap’s score far exceeds the 17% response for an average staffing industry client. Even companies generally regarded as experts in customer service such as Southwest Airlines earned scores of 51%.

Furthermore, not a single of HumCap’s client respondents were classified as Detractors. 60% of responses were described as Promoters and the remaining 40% were classified as Passives. These metrics, highlighting the split of clients between those who were overjoyed by the company’s performance and those who regarded it as merely adequate, are a very illuminating sign to direct the company’s improvement efforts.

Some examples of client responses include:

  • “HumCap have a great process for understanding requirements up front, refining those requirements after each interview and using those requirements to screen and identify the most promising candidates”
  • “They were willing to work directly with us to identify our needs. When we were not seeing what we thought where the right candidates, they quickly worked with us to adjust their search criteria.”
  • “Great communications with a dogged persistence while executing a search for a very-hard-to-fill opening. Great partners.”

About HumCap

HumCap is a North Texas technical recruiting and human resources firm founded in 2001. With clients ranging from startups and emerging businesses to middle market and Fortune 1000 corporations,  the company has a history of being recognized as one of the top recruiting and HR firms in North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal, appearing in publications in 2005, 2006 and 2007. It has also received the honor of being ranked in 2006 and 2007 as a Best Places to Work Company along with being an Inc. 500 company in 2007. As a leading provider of recruiting and HR services in North Texas, HumCap continues to help companies attract, hire, manage and retain their most important assets – their people.

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