Although Dallas TX staffing agencies are a great resource for small and mid-sized companies, business owners and HR managers don’t often have a proper understanding of how they work. In fact, most professionals involved in the in-house hiring process are often misled by information they receive from faulty sources. As a result, there is a lot of unwarranted doubt and mistrust regarding the effectiveness of the Dallas TX staffing agencies. The truth is, however, that most of these fears are far removed from the reality of working with an agency. Discover 3 misrepresentations about recruiting agencies that are currently still considered true by many business owners.

All recruiters are the same
With most recruiting companies appearing relatively similar, business owners often assume that they all use the same processes to fill the same kinds of jobs in the same industries. The truth is, however, that most Dallas TX staffing agencies focus on a specific industry niche which affects the entire recruitment process from the hiring timeline to candidate approach and recruitment methodology. Each agency’s industry specialization creates nuances in the way they handle the candidates and the hiring process that can be of great value depending on the company’s individual needs.

For example, consider car manufacturing. Although all vehicles are made of similar basic parts – wheels, doors, an engine, etc. – cars can have widely varying appearances and performances. A car company that produces sports vehicles would not approach the manufacturing process the same way as accompany that produces family vehicles. The same idea applies to recruiting companies as well.

Recruiting doesn’t require much technical ability
For most, recruiting might seem like a simple process; however, it is an unexpectedly complicated procedure. Recruiters no longer follow a basic “Post and Pray” strategy of posting the job description on an online board and praying a great candidate will apply for the position. Instead, agencies are taking a more proactive approach by networking and reaching out to candidates in tough-to-reach niches and developing pipelines of talent in anticipation of new job opportunities.

Additionally, Recruiters and Account Managers have to balance client and candidate expectations throughout each search process. They have to manage these issues while simultaneously dealing with ever-changing variables such as markets forces, job requirements, company cultures and talent pools.  These factors along with the agency’s ability to find talented candidates have real implications on the company’s bottom-line revenue and profits.

Especially for small and medium sized businesses, partnering with Dallas TX staffing agencies can be a great decision to develop their human capital as the company grows. With a dedicated group overseeing the company’s personnel as it grows, business owners can rest assured that every new hire will be a great investment and a productive member of the team.

Corporate recruiters are more effective
Most business owners have the misconception that in-house recruiters are a good option because they’re more involved with the company on-site and thus possibly have a better understanding of the corporate culture. This, however, is rarely the case as corporate recruiters are often HR personnel who acquire the role out of necessity. Without proper training, these employees have to manage the entire the talent pipeline while also allocating time to additional tasks such as Applicant Tracking System activities and administrative work. When coupled with the higher volume of resumes they receive through job postings, this means the average corporate recruiter spends much less time analyzing an applicant’s resume and references.

Agency recruiters, on the other hand, often have specialized training and years of experience in sourcing and recruiting talented candidates in their specific industry niches. Experienced Recruiters even know how to quickly and accurately identify a company’s workplace culture and the personality types that would thrive in it. Through training and experience and by going above and beyond to understand and exceed client expectations, Dallas TX staffing agencies provide a more effective solution to finding and hiring talented candidates.

About HumCap
HumCap is a Recruiting and HR agency located in Plano. We serve small and mid-sized companies in a wide range of industries including technology, finance, business and marketing.

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